About us


We want a world in which deaf children are able to realise their full potential within their communities and we believe this is best achieved through support to learn to listen and, thereby, acquire spoken language. We believe that the vast majority of deaf children can learn to listen and talk. We believe that all parents of deaf children should be given this option.


Based on improving knowledge of the effectiveness of Natural Auralism, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of deaf children and their families through sharing information, influencing training, providing support and campaigning for change.

What is DELTA?      

Deaf Education Through Listening and Talking  (DELTA) is a charity that supports families with deaf babies, children, young people and the practitioners in Health and Education  that work with them.

We know that the vast majority of deaf children can learn to listen and talk.  We believe that all parents of deaf children should be given this option.

DELTA Values

We respect the right to choose and are committed to providing children and young people with the maximum opportunities for choice in their education and their adult lives. We believe this is best achieved for the great majority of children by education through the Natural Aural Approach.

We consider it vital that our work is founded on continually developing, good quality information and research and that this is shared in an open and professional manner with all those who are interested.

We place great value on striving to behave at all times with integrity, honesty and empathy in our relations with all our clients, customers and stakeholders and within the group. We respect the position of those who are of a different persuasion and expect them to reciprocate.We seek to be accessible and trustworthy, continually growing and learning as individuals and as a group.

Who runs DELTA?  

DELTA  is actively run by an elected Trustee body representative of its membership, including :-
parents of deaf babies and children, professionals ( from both Health and education) and deaf adults.
DELTA’s  membership is open to those who are interested and committed  to our vision for deaf children listening, talking and achieving.
If you would be interested in becoming a trustee for DELTA and you think you have skills to offer, please contact enquiries@deafeducation.org.uk for further detail on what the role entails.


How DELTA is funded

DELTA receives no statutory funding and raises all its funds from voluntary contributions. Major donors include : Eaton Square School, the Birkdale Trust, the Equitable Charitable Trust, the Esmée Fairbairn Trust, Sir Winston Churchill Educational Trust for the Deaf, Lloyds TSB, the Excalibur Trust, Henry Smith’s Estate Trust, the John Ellerman Foundation, the Burwood Park Foundation, CfBT Education Services, Brock Charitable Trust, Stephen Bloomfield Trust, Co-operative Insurance Services. Fund-raising events are organised by volunteers throughout the UK including a sponsored Bike Ride and many local events.

Can I Join?

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support DELTA in its mission to help deaf children learn to listen and talk..