Enabling Professionals and Families

DELTA aims to enable Professionals and Families:

  • To have the confidence their child will move forward toward effective communication.
  • To recognise the range of communication opportunities that families use throughout their day and to maximise these.
  • To be responsive and to interpret the babies meaning, making sense and to grab these, value, model, extend and expand utterances
  • To support the use of the Monitoring Protocol with families and professionals
  • To value the Level 2 Materials to support monitoring; assessing; inform report writing; guidance and support in understanding hearing loss and the use and maintenance¬†of equipment; support in the tracking language and listening development; informing pragmatics; interaction and play.
  • Support with working in a family focused way and joint agency involvement.

To find out more how we can enable you, please contact us at enquiries@deafeducation.org.uk