Fund Raising

DELTA receives no statutory funding and raises all its funds from voluntary contributions, grants, memberships and it’s fabulous fundraisers.

Fundraising comes in many forms and every pound and penny raised is very much appreciated.

Fundraising pack Our fundraising pack is full of ideas for whatever you are planning (and we are always eager to hear of more). Download here and for further information, advice and assistance contact

Fundraising platforms Support our individual fundraisers or if you are raising funds yourself, use one of the following platforms:-

My donate:


Just giving

Virgin money giving

Individual or Team Challenge:- e.g. The London Marathon, Dublin Marathon, half marathons, 10km and 5km events.

Our London Marathon team for 2017 was made up of  five runners:- NICI MEEKINGSGARY POWELL,  STEVE HAYWARD, FIONA ARAUJO & MARK FAWKES . Between them they raised an amazing £9,000,using a variety of fund raising methods.  Thank you all for your marvelous efforts.

Lucy Birtles, ran the Dublin Marathon, raising over £187.

Already confirmed for our 2018 London Marathon team is Sarah Doyle, who is running for her beautiful Goddaughter and brother, who are both deaf and whose parents have been helped so much already by DELTA.  You can support Sarah by donating via the following link




  • Duncan Atkins was an Iron Man competitor, and cycled from London (Clock) to Gibralter (Rock)
  • Triathalon, check out organised events, or organise one of your own with friends

–  Nightrider (cycling), 

2017 saw DELTA have riders in the London and Liverpool events.

Adrianno Zimmermann from Brazil and currently working in London, offered to ride for DELTA due to his brother back home also being deaf. Adrianno managed to raised £1,000 which was then match funded by his employers Hg Capital Ltd.

A big thank you goes to Adrianno and his Company.

Duncan Rothwell says, “I realised when I married a founder member of DELTA (or NAG as the charity was originally called) that I was going to be involved in the fortunes of the charity in one way or another but I did not imagine that it was going to involve, in my retirement, cycling 50kms in the middle of the night, in pouring rain – but that is what I found myself doing on 15th/16th July.

The sponsored event I took part in was the Liverpool Nightrider, a 50km cycle ride (or 100km for the truly masochistic) which started at the Pier Head in Liverpool and followed a route round the Wirral and back to the starting point. This involved cycling twice through the Birkenhead Tunnel under the River Mersey which was closed to traffic for the relevant time. This was great for the initial downhill ride but then, of course, meant a long, slow climb back out – guaranteed to sap your energy right at the beginning of the event and testing your will to live at the end!

My starting group set off at 11.00pm and by 11.45 we were cycling in pouring rain and beginning to wonder what we had let ourselves in for. I thought I had done quite a lot of preparation, including a ride over 50kms but in retrospect, I realise that I had made lots of stops to admire the scenery etc – not something you would do in the dark – and so, apart from the official halfway stop for refreshments, I cycled all the time and arrived back in 3 hours 30 mins. All my muscles were acutely aware of the difference in pace and I do not remember being so glad to get into my bed for a very long time!

Since the event, two worrying things have happened. Firstly, I have realised that I actually enjoyed the challenge. Secondly, my wife has been overheard talking about next year!  However, my efforts succeeded in raising £665 plus Gift aid, so a big thank you to my supporters.”

Outdoor Swimming, – Pixie Mason has completed several sponsored outdoor swims, in Windermere and Cirencester.




Community events:- e.g. table sales, concerts, ceilidhs,

Kristina Dockray raised over £700

coffee mornings, quizes, dinner parties………..

Painfree fundraising at no extra cost to you:-

Used Postage stamps:-

What do you do with the stamps that come with your mail both at home and work? You could put them to good use and help DELTA. All you need to do is collect your stamps and post them to at the address below. We are then able to raise £6.00 per kilo of stamps.
The stamps must be totally unsorted, just as received through the mail. The stamps will need to be on single paper (just the front part of the envelope), and with approximately ¼” of paper around each one.
You don’t have to wait until you have collected a kilo, just send them whenever you want but please ensure your package has the correct postage on it. Please pass this information on to family and friends. Could you set up a stamp collection at work? The more stamps the more money goes to DELTA.
Please send your stamps to:-

Deaf Education through Listening and Talking (DELTA)
Fords Farm
NR29 4EP