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Working together to help deaf children listen and talk

Volunteering, becoming a member and helping raise funds

DELTA is, and intends to remain, a group of people who work to help deaf children make the most of the hearing world. We hope that you are finding the advice, support and encouragement provided by our sturdy band of volunteers helpful to you and your family.

Perhaps you would also like to be involved, or would like to help us secure a better future for our deaf children. As a charity, we rely on donations and fundraising efforts and, as importantly, on volunteers to provide the range of expertise to support our work with families with deaf children.

If you would like to help us, then take a look at some of the ideas we’ve suggested – and it doesn’t have to be cash! We welcome help of all kinds from donations, through to volunteers offering expertise, lending a listening ear or sharing experiences with families in similar situations.



Would you like to volunteer?

DELTA relies on its volunteers, members and supporters, and is very lucky to have so many enthusiastic people working hard on its behalf. If you want to volunteer take a look at some of our ideas here and get together with some friends:


Please contact us on to find out more!

It’s as easy as getting together:

  • Start a ‘Deaf Children Talking Parents’ Guide group to swap experiences, tips and help each other. Meet once a term or as often as the group likes.
  • Organise a local group within your region to support each other, raise funds, have social gatherings – any or all of these.

And if you enjoy writing and talking to people then why not:

  • Help to prepare factsheets and booklets for DELTA to publish – Resources
  • Edit and produce a regional newsletter and share it with others
  • Or could you help with research of specific topics to help our fundraising efforts?

It’s as easy as spreading the DELTA message

We want everyone to know how hearing impaired children can and do learn to listen and talk, so help us to spread the word:

Displays and literature

  • Approach your local shopping centre, library or popular public place, to ask it you can set up a DELTA display and spread the word further
  • Visit local health centres, clinics, libraries and other places where parents of newly diagnosed deaf children might visit to arrange to put up posters, distribute literature (and take away out of date stuff!)

Talking about your experiences

  • Would you be prepared to talk about your experience as a parent of a deaf child or as a young deaf person to local societies? We get a steady stream of requests, which we usually have to turn down for lack of a local speaker. DELTA can provide materials, and it you would like, some training in how to do it

And don’t forget spreading the DELTA message in the media

  • Identify presenters on local radio stations who show or might show an interest in the stories we have to tell and let us know about them
  • Let us know if you can offer your own experiences or that of your child for use in press, radio or live events
  • Write letters to the press and magazines responding to articles relating to the issue of hearing loss in young children and adults
  • If you are deaf yourself, volunteer to be a spokesperson for DELTA, talking to journalists and groups when the need arises


For details of Individual, Joint and Student membership,

Click here for a copy of the membership form


It’s as easy as fundraising

Fundraising keeps us working, without the money raised by our volunteers there would be no DELTA, and it’s definitely an on going job, so if you’d like to help out, then take a look at our fundraising page.

It’s as easy as giving us some other ideas!

If you have got an idea which might help DELTA in any of the ways above or in other areas, please do let us know. We are always open to other people’s inspirations!

It’s easy to get some help to help us

Sometimes people would like to help but feel they don’t have the information or the skills or even the time! The DELTA office will do whatever it can to provide – we may even organise some training days if there are enough people interested. Time – well, that’s down to you but even an hour here and there can make a difference.

Would you like to volunteer?

Please contact us on