Deaf Children Can Listen And Talk

We provide a range of resources to help families who want their severely or profoundly deaf children to develop natural and effective spoken language.

We also provide more detailed information for those who are interested in the philosophy and practice of the Natural Aural Approach.

Most of our materials are free to individuals. To order any of these, please e-mail with details of what you want and your postal address to


Please take a look at the files below:

Get Started

1. Why DELTA?  – Printable Leaflet

2. Deaf babies CAN  – Printable leaflet

3. Deaf children CAN  – Printable leaflet

3a. Deaf Children CAN Listen and Talk

4. The Natural Aural Approach

5.  Just like every other child

5. Reading and the deaf child

6. Making the Natural Aural Approach work



1. My child is deaf – what can I do   – explores a number of questions that arise

2. I like my hearing aids   – discusses the importance of hearing aids

3. Learning to talk  – explains how to help your deaf child talk

4. Understanding hearing loss  – introduces some of the basic concepts

5. Hearing Aids – An Introduction


The Monitoring Protocol for deaf babies and children

To access full details of the Protocol, please follow either Family Support or                 Professional Support


DELTA Information Sheets

Information Sheet One – How do we know it works?

Information Sheet Two – Speaking for themselves

Information Sheet Five – The Natural Aural Approach


DELTA Summer School Generic Posters – available to download

Pre School Summer School Poster 

Primary Summer School Poster 


DELTA Posters – available to download

DELTA poster – Do you have a deaf child

DELTA poster  – deaf children no barriers

DELTA poster – Achieving all ages

DELTA poster – Helping families & Professionals

DELTA poster – Speaking for themselves

DELTA poster – Spread the word

DELTA poster – Natural Aural Approach