Teachers of the Deaf and professionals support a Natural Aural Approach

Teachers of the Deaf and Professionals support a Natural Aural Approach

Teachers of the Deaf and Professionals recognise that first and foremost the deaf baby has the same learning potential as any other baby.

Baby is actively involved and the meaning is contingent to the activity as the caregiver follows baby’s needs and lead. Being spontaneous to opportunities and needs, there is no pressure to follow a script/program. Thus it is stress free for both baby and caregiver and can be mutually enjoyable, essential to the baby understanding and acquiring speech and language

  • Family focused support, that is family led, ensuring joint monitoring and shared outcomes. ‘The Family Plan’ may well support this.
  • Strong audiological support that is joined up : – monitored closely and therefore appropriate, consistent, and effective and thus timely regarding any adjustments.
  • Support and guidance in fostering movement towards the next stages of listening and language development.
  • Ongoing monitoring and assessment of listening skills, language and learning is partnership with the family, which fundamentally includes acknowledging and celebrating milestones.
  • Introducing and sharing the Monitoring Protocol with families who will hold this document and use it as positive guidance in supporting progress towards the next step.
  • Using the Monitoring Protocol Level 2 materials to monitor progress and need, inform reports and assessments and to support, guide and advise families and professionals.

For further information about professional resources, please find them here: Professional Support