At DELTA, our commitment to supporting Teachers of the Deaf remains strong. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Paul Harris from the Ewing Foundation for a session focused on equipping students as they transition from school to work, college, or university—a critical phase in their journey toward independence.

The session drew participants from all corners of the UK, underlining the significance of the topic. Paul Harris, our featured speaker, brought a pragmatic approach to the table. He provided an overview of available equipment and stressed the importance of simplicity and accessibility, advocating for the use of readily available components to create practical solutions for students facing hearing challenges.

Paul’s presentation was followed by an engaging Q&A session, where teachers raised pertinent questions about meeting the specific needs of their students. This interactive exchange added depth and relevance to the discussion, making the session a valuable resource for educators seeking effective ways to support their deaf students during this crucial transition.

We extend our appreciation to Paul Harris for sharing his expertise and insights. By equipping teachers with knowledge and tools, we take significant steps toward better supporting students in their post-school endeavors.

Paul’s dedication aligns perfectly with our community’s collaborative spirit. Together, we work to empower the next generation of deaf individuals, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Thank you, Paul, for contributing to our ongoing journey toward inclusivity and accessibility. Your practical insights are invaluable in our mission to support deaf students effectively.

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