We know that the vast majority of deaf children can learn to listen and talk. We believe that all parents of deaf children should be given this option.


Deaf Children Can Listen And Talk


DELTA is a national charity supporting deaf children and their families through:

  • Providing information for parents and professionals
  • Information days and social meetings
  • Summer Schools
  • Training courses for practitioners

Please contact us if you would like to know more about:

  • Helping your child to listen and talk
  • Making choices for your child and your family
  • Selecting and maintaining hearing and cochlear implants
  • Joining us for Summer Schools and courses

“My son was born deaf and I thought he would never talk; now there are days when I just wish I could get a word in!!”

Deaf Children CAN

    • Develop age appropriate language
    • Read and write
    • Go to their local school
    • Enjoy music and singing and dance
    • Make friends
    • Go on to further and higher education
    • Have a career
    • Enjoy a fulfilling life


Your Family Can Do It Your Way

      • Your first language is his first language
      • You know what to say
      • You know how to play

It is what families do naturally. 

Family life and culture and the way you communicate and have fun as a family is what children thrive on…..and your deaf child is just the same.


Deaf Children Can Because There Is The Technology

    • They get it early
    • It can be accurately set up
    • Families gets good at managing and maintaining it optimally
    • Your child can access speech and language through it
    • Families naturally know what to say and when to say it, making the most of opportunities in daily routines, play and activities with friends and families
    • They can use it all the time at school, home and out and about.
    • And because of this, your child has access to the language of his friends and family and can actively take part and achieve whatever s/he would have done if s/he wasn’t deaf.


If you would like to contact us, please email enquiries@deafeducation.org.uk