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When a child is diagnosed as severely or profoundly deaf, the parents’ first question is often “Will s/he be able to talk?”

It is a very natural question; all parents normally expect to share their language with all their children. We believe that not only is it their right but that, for the vast majority of deaf children, it is a perfectly valid option.

Find out more here in this section to discover the Natural Aural Approach and other support that can help your family to achieve the best potential for your deaf child. 

Family Support Online Drop in Events

We are providing monthly online drop in events for parents/guardians/grandparents through Google Meet to be a part of the Natural Aural Community to ask questions, discuss and share experiences of raising their deaf child at home and at school.

Each month will carry a theme and parents will be able to sign in from the comfort of their own home to be involved in sessions expected to last one hour to 90 minutes.

The sessions will be led by one of our Parent Trustees and it is run by parents for parents to discuss the following:

  • Education
  • Audiology and technology
  • Language development
  • Inclusivity and involvement
  • and more!

You can sign up for free in one of our drop in events below. Click on the button and fill out the form (takes 2 minutes) and you will receive a confirmation email and Google Meet link the day before the event.

Parents of Deaf Children Sessions 2022

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Upcoming Parent Drop in Sessions

Thurs 14th July 7.30pm – Cochlear Implants part 2  – Ask the panel

Thurs 15th September 2022 7.30pm – Getting the most out of my Hearing Services and Teacher of the Deaf

Thurs 13th October 2022 7.30pm – Understanding my child’s hearing loss, hearing aids and audiogram

Thurs 17th November 2022 7.30pm – Friends and family – why we’ve chosen language in the home for my child to learn to listen and talk

Thurs 19th January 2023 7.30pm – Starting nursery/school and how best for you to communicate with them

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Information for Families

My Child is Deaf - what can I do?

One in every 1000 children in the UK is born with a hearing problem. 9 out of 10 deaf children are part of hearing families. Most of these families have never met a deaf child before and do not know what to expect.

Discover the Natural Aural Approach

The Natural Aural Approach seeks to manage deafness in children whilst allowing them to enjoy, and benefit from, normal childhood learning experiences within the family and the family’s community and culture.

Making the Natural Aural Approach work

High quality testing and fitting of hearing aids, backed by research, ensures that each child can hear to his/her best ability. It is no longer a matter of ‘put a hearing aid in the ear and hope’.

Factsheets to support you and your family

We provide factsheets, information sheets and more to help you support your deaf child in their Natural Aural Approach. 


Just like every other child

A child who is hearing impaired goes through exactly the same stages of development as a hearing child. The most important thing for you and all your family to remember is that your child is still the same child, whatever anyone said about her hearing. 

Hearing aids: an introduction

The ones that are right for your child. There are many different makes and models of hearing aids to suit all types of hearing loss. The experts will prescribe the most suitable one for your child and show you how to fit it and look after it. Your child’s teacher of the deaf will continue to help.

Learning to talk

Hearing babies and children can learn to talk through listening and talking. They don’t know they are doing it and it is always FUN! Deaf children are no different.

Hearing Aids for my child

Choosing the right hearing aid, ear mould and more is important for your child. Hearing aids today are digital and can flexibly be programmed to meet need across the range of hearing loss

The Monitoring Protocol

After the identification of hearing loss it is vital that the baby and child’s developmental progress is tracked and supported.  The professional can offer support to the family when they have a full understanding of the sequential nature of language and listening development.

Reading and the deaf child

All children come to books in different ways and at different times and, as with other aspects of the Natural Aural approach, the key for deaf children is being interested in and enjoying books – wanting to read just as they wanted to speak

Understanding hearing loss

By understanding your child’s hearing loss you can understand how much the technology enables your child to hear, listen and talk.

Hearing aids make a difference

Neonatal Hearing screening has given us the opportunity to identify and fit hearing aids early so that deaf babies can learn language naturally alongside their hearing peers. Language is best developed through age appropriate play and interaction.

Cover for Deaf Education through Listening and Talking
Deaf Education through Listening and Talking

Deaf Education through Listening and Talking

DELTA is a national charity which supports deaf children and their families and professionals.

The London Marathon is only two months away and we're extremely lucky to have nine runners who will also be fundraising for DELTA. We're always rooting on each of the runners and for the next month, we will be sharing their stories and updates to their London Marathon Challenge. It would be great if you can donate to their epic efforts to get trained for the most well-known marathon in the world. Our first runner is Arunima Chatterjee who as a long-time runner has always wanted to run for the London Marathon. This is her story: "I can relate to DELTA really well. I suffered severe hearing loss as a kid. I was treated by a doctor but my parents had no knowledge of dealing with such a kid. I remember all this made me a very very quiet kid with no friends. Today I am a double PhD as a Marie Curie fellow 🥰. Thankfully I met teachers who never gave up on me 🙏.Very often do we ‘ignore’ our health because other things (job/housework/kids/pets/holidays/grocery etc) take priority. Nothing wrong with that but are you choosing these over your ‘health’ every time. Did you know that mental and physical health are strongly connected? It’s really easy to work on physical fitness and it automatically ensures better mental health. Let’s put in a few days focused on our health.I am running London Marathon on 2nd October 2022 with a small charity🥳🥳. In order to promote physical fitness (and in turn mental well being) and to help with my fundraiser for DELTA I have a fun challenge for all of you.1. Choose any of the following distance and commit to walk/jog/run them in 30days. 10km, 20km, 30km or 50km (or cycle 40km or 50km at one go). Mention your distance in the group for accountability. 💪2. Wear your running shoes (or take your cycle if you doing the cycling challenge) and head out for walk/jog/run (or cycle). Keep repeating 3. till selected distance is complete. 3. Please spare some change for fundraiser for DELTA-Deaf Education through Listening and Talking (DELTA is a charity run by deaf adults and supports deaf children. More often than not, such kids are ignored even before given a chance. I know I was one such kid🥹). Hearing loss should not be a limiting factor! You will receive finishers medals for this challenge!! Feel free to share your sweaty-smiley selfie😇FYI: if it is of any help I started running in 2017 from being an absolute non runner😝. My first 5km was the toughest run ever 😅You can find out more of her story and donate to her efforts in the link here: ... See MoreSee Less
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