Shop and Fundraise

Did you know you can raise funds for DELTA while you shop online AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOURSELF? It’s so easy and simple!

All you need to do is sign in to one of these shopping fundraising channels and then shop to your heart’s content.

Did you know that nearly every time you use the Internet you can raise funds for DELTA for free?

Everyclick – sign up with a little information and chose Deaf Education through Listening and Talking (DELTA) as your charity. 

  • Make it your favourite or your homepage and use it every time.      
  • It is non invasive.
  • Use it EVERY TIME you search for Information, Ideas or a specific website and EACH time you will earn a portion of a penny.  It all adds up and you will soon find you have earnt DELTA pounds, not pennies.

What EVERYCLICK is for surfing the net, its sister GIVEASYOULIVE is for shopping. 

You will find all the following information and more on EVERYCLICKs Home page OR click on

Having joined there are seven options available with Option One being automatic and the most used.

However, in recent months and due to the current crisis a number of stores no longer appear in the list and have decided to either join together under Option 2, a pre paid card for High Street shops (also payable over the Internet) OR Option 3.

  • OPTION 1  Give as you live Online – shop online with 4,200+ top online retailer and raise free donation
  • OPTION 2  Give as you live card –Raise a donation when you buy our gift card, redeemabke at 100+high-street retailers.
  • OPTION 3   Give as you Live Instore – Raise free donations when you buy and top up in-store grocery and gift cards. E.g. Tesco/Asda/Morrisons/Argos/B&Q all 2%; M&S 3% Café Nero 5%, Costa 4%
  • OPTION 4 Give as you live Donate. Create fundraising pages and make direct and repeat donations. E.g. Organised event, Crisis fundraiser, In memory of, Special Occasion, Virtual fundraiser, Personal challenge
  • OPTION 5  Switch – Raise big donations when you switch insurance, energy and broadband
  • OPTION 6 Travel – Book holidays, hotels, trains and more – all raising big donations
  • OPTION 7 Collective energy – Save big on gas and electricity – raise a free donation when you switch.