Did you save your Christmas Stamps?

What do you do with the stamps that come with your mail both at home and work? You could put them to good use and help DELTA. All you need to do is collect your stamps and post them to stampsforcharity.net at the address below. We are then able to raise £6.00 per kilo of stamps.
The stamps must be totally unsorted, just as received through the mail. The stamps will need to be on single paper (just the front part of the envelope), and with approximately ¼” of paper around each one.
You don’t have to wait until you have collected a kilo, just send them whenever you want but please ensure your package has the correct postage on it. Please pass this information on to family and friends. Could you set up a stamp collection at work? The more stamps the more money goes to DELTA.
Please send your stamps to:-

Deaf Education through Listening and Talking (DELTA)
Fords Farm
NR29 4EP
Please do NOT use this address to send anything other than stamps. It is the address for Stamps for Charity, not a DELTA address.