The Virgin London Marathon is nearly upon us!

London Marathon

Taking place this Sunday 26th April, our five runners have been training hard in their herculean efforts to run an epic 26.1 miles all in the name of DELTA at the Virgin London Marathon!

Here’s our fantastic runners:

Duncan Atkins
Pete Gray
Mark Fawkes
Hiten Laad
Andy Stubbs

We salute you! Why not donate a few pounds to spur them along the track and please do click on their links to find out more about their fundraising exploits.


Be a DELTA Cheerleader!

DELTA is looking for cheerleaders to attend the London Marathon to motivate our runners along on their arduous run throughout London.

Are you interested? Email Katrina at

Meanwhile, let’s find out more about our runners:

Duncan’s Story

On the 22nd of December 2010, at 8 weeks old, my younger son was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in both ears (not a date we will forget in a hurry).

London Marathon
As you can imagine this was difficult news to take on board and understand. At first the natural reaction is “why him” and then as a parent you start to worry about what their future holds. The “why” has been subsequently explained through the clinical evidence and the genetic lottery we all take part in at conception.

The question of the future is all together a wider and more worrying question. At the time as a family it was difficult to see beyond the next week, but then our excellent Teacher of the Deaf – Alison – recommended a small and vital charity DELTA.

DELTA support a Natural Aural approach which for Dewi is perfect. The approach concentrates on maximising the residual hearing children and young adults have, through the best use of technology. By exploiting this a child’s development can be monitored and supported relative to the normal stages. The emphasis here is to ensure a natural environment is maintained, including a mainstream education with his hearing big brother.

DELTA also provide an amazing service to the parents of deaf children. Rhi and I had both had very little exposure to any level of deafness so it was overwhelming at first. DELTA offered us a level of support and information which broke down the unknowns and helped to remove our fears around Dewi’s future. This information sharing is on going and changes focus as your child develops.

To support DELTA, following on from cycling Clock to Rock 3 years ago (1530miles in 15 days) and cycling Edinburgh to London (400miles in 2 days), a group of friends are attempting to complete an Ironman.

Now I always like a twist with my events so to spice things up the final leg is going to be the 2015 Virgin London Marathon. We have secured 2 places for the marathon so myself and Pete Gray will be doing all three events:

2.4mile swim, 112mile cycle & marathon run.

We will be supported by a great team of cyclists for the testing and energy sapping 112 mile cycle. The swim will start at the Didcot Wave swimming pool – thanks to their excellent team headed by Josh Roper.

The outline plan for the event is below:

  • 22:00 25th April 2015, Didcot Wave : Swim
  • 00:00 26th April 2015, Didcot Wave – Blackheath : Cycle
  • 10:00 26th April 2015, Blackheath – The Mall : Run

This event definitely represents the limit of our physical capability. Please give generously so DELTA can continue to help deaf children and their families through difficult times and so they can reach normal ‘hearing’ outcomes.

If you would like to sponsor Duncan, please click here:

Mark’s Story

I am really excited to be running the 2015 London Marathon on behalf of DELTA, and this will be my first marathon so I am really looking forward to taking in the atmosphere of the day.

I have run many 10k and Half Marathon events in the past and am working really hard to make sure I am prepared for this challenge – running an average of 40 to 45 miles a week.

London Marathon


I ran Half Marathon races for each of the five Sundays in March in Bath, Milton Keynes, North London, Reading and Hampton Court respectively so there will be no excuses come race day!

I have made a positive start to my fundraising effort also.

If you would like to sponsor Mark, please click here:


Hiten’s Story

I am back older and but not wiser!! I want you guys to help me to support DELTA once more again, my personal favourite charity, who helped me to be where I am now!!

London Marathon

Since knowing that DELTA have to rely on donations in order to continue the  important work, there is no better time for me to come back to running at London Marathon especially with my brother Andy Stubbs, who is also deaf and one of the trustees of DELTA.

What is even more challenging for me is that I decided to agree to wear a Superman outfit during the run so you will see me flying low on the road of London streets.  Due to health and safety rules, I will be not allowed to use my special powers. Hah!

Here are the few reminders on what DELTA is about below:

  • DELTA is a national association promoting rights, choices and opportunties for deaf children and young people and their parents.  They believe that all children born severley profoundly deaf have a right to learn to listen and talk.
  • DELTA believes that the vast majority of deaf children can learn to listen and talk and that all parents of deaf children should be given this option. It’s aim is to promote the education of hearing imparied children through the use of their residual hearing capacity and through the development of a naturally spoken language.
  • This is where DELTA and our volunteers come in, many of which are made up from parents of deaf children, young deaf adults and teachers of the deaf. By sharing all our experience and resources we are able to set up summer schools and activity weekends and guidance phamplets to provide to parents.

So please dig deep and donate now.

If you would like to donate to Hiten, please click here:


Andy’s Story

I have been involved with DELTA for over half my life now, and throughout that time, I have seen the difference it has made to many people including myself.

London Marathon

DELTA is about supporting parents of deaf children and encouraging them to realise their childrens full potential through listening and talking. As a deaf person myself, taking this approach is something I also feel very strongly for.

Too often though many health authorities once a child is diagnosed as deaf, feel that the only way forward is through British Sign Language without exploring other means with the parents. This is where DELTA and our volunteers come in, many of which are made up from parents of deaf children, young deaf adults and teachers of the deaf. By sharing all our experience and resources we are able to set up summer schools and activity weekends and guidance phamplets to provide to parents.

All of this however does cost money and as a charity we have to rely on donations in order to continue this important work.

DELTA has become so important to me, providing a platform for myself in terms of confidence in dealing with my deafness, enabling me to get on in the wider world and making many friends along the way. I have also over the years seen the difference DELTA makes to parents, watching them go home with happiness knowing they aren’t alone in the world, and that more importantly, just because their child is deaf, does not mean their child will not be able to get on in life. Indeed, I have watched myself many deaf children who have attended DELTA events grow up to be successful in mainstream schools, go to university or college and go on to successful jobs.

In order to help ensure this work can continue, I have decided to enter the Virgin London Marathon 2015 for the first time and run for DELTA to raise as much funds as possible.

So please, take the time out to read about DELTA and please make a donation, all donations no matter how big or small are gratefully received.

If you would like to sponsor Andy, please click here:


We wish all if our runners the best of luck for their epic London Marathon adventure! Please dig deep into pockets to sponsor these wonderful runners who have taken a lot of time and effort to train for this fantastic race!

If you’re inspired to do some fundraising for DELTA, why not drop an email to to find out what you can do for us or if you have a brilliant idea?