What is DELTA and Why Does It Work?


  • DELTA stands for Deaf Education through Listening and Talking
  • It is a charity that was formed in 1980 by a group of dedicated Teachers of the deaf who thought deaf children, especially those who have a severe or profound loss, should be able to achieve to their full potential, despite their deafness
  • The key to this is in following a Natural Aural Approach. We have the technology today to enable them to listen and pick up language, just as hearing children do.
  • It is Natural because it’s about learning to talk in the natural way – the way all children do in the beginning. They learn to talk by picking it up from what they hear around them, when Mum and Dad, Grandparents, sisters coo to them, play peek a boo, sing to them, listen to them and chat with them
  • It is Aural because it is to do with the ear and hearing and listening. The emphasis is on the deaf child using their hearing. With good equipment, worn all the time, well set up and carefully looked after, deaf children CAN have a listening and talking life
  • The Natural Aural Approach depends on the child’s hearing being appropriately managed to ensure that their hearing aid, cochlear implant or bone anchored aid is set optimally. Together with parents, teachers and peers, maximizing opportunities for interaction as they arise, at home in school and out & about
  • DELTA has hard evidence and research that this approach works and deaf children are talking and achieving well in their exams, their jobs and their lives
  • DELTA’s members are made up of teachers of the deaf, audiologists, parents of deaf children, deaf young people and adults providing support for families and professionals in the following ways:


Summer Schools:

  • Four day courses for pre-school and primary ages and weekends for secondary age.
  • The children, including all their siblings are looked after on site or go out on outings, whilst the parents attend workshops run by professionals.
  • The workshops cover a range of information from the latest technology to helping children to listen and develop language.
  • It also gives families an opportunity to meet other families and young deaf adults who are living their lives independently and achieving their full potential


Here’s what the parents say about our Summer Schools:

“DELTA has been a constant support to us. We have found the information very valuable and have learned a lot that normally you wouldn’t be told.
It has changed our lives and given us hope for the future”

“Once again a fantastic week, 3 years ago I had tears of hope, now I have tears of joy with how far we have come, all of it thanks to DELTA. It has been a life changing experience”

DELTA recognises that having a hearing impaired child does not affect the family’s natural skills and abilities to develop listening and talking children.

DELTA recognizes the child first and celebrates their ability, and most importantly allows the child to speak for themselves!

If you are interested in finding out more from DELTA, drop us an email at enquiries@deafeducation.org.uk and we would be very happy to help!