There are essential elements to the Natural Aural Approach

  • All of those in the family and community involved with the baby need to understand the baby’s hearing loss and that baby can listen through his/her ears (albeit with ‘hearing aids).


  • The hearing aids/cochlear implants and assistive devices need to be worn and maintained to be working optimally.


  • Recognition of the importance of natural meaningful interactions using spoken language. This will include responding to baby’s communicative intentions, extending and expanding as appropriate to age and stage.


  • Baby’s needs and cues are alerted to, encouraged and responded to.


  • Interactions are spontaneous, actively involving the child whose intentions and needs are followed. They are often repetitive and enjoyable and in the early stages the caregiver does most of the talking and taking cues from baby .


  • Baby is very self-centred and will enjoy you involving him/her in one to one tickle talk and touch play. Music and song and intonated voice are easy to listen to and hold attention and come naturally and spontaneously.

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