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Supporting the Natural Aural Approach

Our DELTA Success Stories

Our young deaf adults are our success stories of the Natural Aural Approach from DELTA, providing inspiration and support to families of newly diagnosed deaf children proving that deaf children can speak for themselves, naturally.

'My child is deaf - what can I do?'

One in every 1000 children in the UK is born with a hearing loss. Nine out of 10 deaf children are part of hearing families. Most of these families have never met a deaf child before and do not know what to expect.

For Professionals

Professionals involved in DELTA find support in the strengths, knowledge and experience of colleagues working in the field.  The strong research base and outcomes of the Natural Aural approach as evidenced by children and young people, highly functioning alongside their hearing peers in school and the workplace has improved practice across the country.

Get Involved in our Online Sessions

Parent Drop in Events

We are providing monthly online drop in events for parents/guardians/grandparents through Zoom to be a part of the Natural Aural Community to ask questions, discuss and share experiences of raising their deaf child at home and at school.

Each month will carry a theme and parents will be able to sign in from the comfort of their own home to be involved in sessions expected to last one hour to 90 minutes.


  • Wed 17 November 7.30pm – Coping with Tiredness
  • Wed 15 December 7.30pm – Communication and Inclusivity
  • 2022 Events coming soon
Professional Online Events

We are running a series of short, on-line CPD sessions for Teachers of the Deaf and other professionals. These take the form of a 15 minute introduction to the topic by a relevant professional followed by a Q and A and discussion session.

These are held on the third Thursday of the month currently at 3.00pm.

Please register your interest via the link below to be updated on dates and topics.





When a child is diagnosed as severely or profoundly deaf, the parents’ first question is often “Will s/he be able to talk?”

It is a very natural question; all parents normally expect to share their language with all their children. We believe that not only is it their right but that, for the vast majority of deaf children, it is a perfectly valid option.

If the Natural Aural Approach interests you, we hope you will find the information below helpful

Deaf Education Through Listening and Talking  (DELTA) is a charity that supports families with deaf babies, children, young people and the practitioners in Health and Education  that work with them.


“We know that the vast majority of deaf children can learn to listen and talk.  We believe that all parents of deaf children should be given this option.”


If you are a parent of a deaf child and need support, advice and guidance, please contact us below: 

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Get Involved

Working together to help deaf children to listen and talk

Volunteering, becoming a member and helping raise funds


Our reached funds for 2021 Costs (Apr Update)

Our latest news

Online CPD Sessions for Professionals working with deaf children

We are running a series of short, on-line CPD sessions for Teachers of the Deaf and other...

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We are providing monthly online drop in events for parents/guardians/grandparents through Zoom to...

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Let’s listen and talk online

Are you a professional working with #deaf children?

Join our online sessions on the 3rd Thursday of every month - 15 min presentation by a professional followed by a Q&A session.

Find out more:


#tod #teacherofthedeaf #deafchildren #audiology

Parents! Are you and your deaf child prepared for September for the new Autumn Term?

We are running an online session for parents tomorrow evening at 7.30pm over Zoom answering questions such as:
You can sign up to join here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MDHV297

#deafeducation #deafchild

NEW: Parent Drop-in Online Sessions released for Autumn Term to support parents of #deaf children through their child’s education at school and at home.

Find out more: https://deafeducation.org.uk/new-parent-sessions-autumn-term/

Latest MESHGuide poduced in series to help support deaf children #naturalauralapproach @BATOD_UK #deafeducation @DeafEducation @meshguides http://www.meshguides.org/guides/node/1815

BATOD has published an update about the use of face coverings in educational settings. It can be read and downloaded here:

https://www.batod.org.uk/batod-update-in-relation-to-face-coverings-in-education-settings/ #QToD #coronavirus #facecoverings

Could you make a difference for families of #deafchildren?

Contact us at enquiries@deafeducation.org.uk

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This letter from @educationgovuk confirms that specialists like Teachers of the Deaf should continue to visit #deaf children (http://ow.ly/92db50Bh0Dk). Have a look at our blog for info and some questions to ask your child’s school before term starts 👇

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