DELTA: Deaf Education through Listening and Talking

Supporting the Natural Aural Approach


When a child is diagnosed as severely or profoundly deaf, the parents’ first question is often “Will s/he be able to talk?”

It is a very natural question; all parents normally expect to share their language with all their children. We believe that not only is it their right but that, for the vast majority of deaf children, it is a perfectly valid option.

If the Natural Aural Approach interests you, we hope you will find the information below helpful

Deaf Education Through Listening and Talking  (DELTA) is a charity that supports families with deaf babies, children, young people and the practitioners in Health and Education  that work with them.


“We know that the vast majority of deaf children can learn to listen and talk.  We believe that all parents of deaf children should be given this option.”


'My child is deaf - what can I do?'

One in every 1000 children in the UK is born with a hearing loss. Nine out of 10 deaf children are part of hearing families. Most of these families have never met a deaf child before and do not know what to expect.

For Professionals

Professionals involved in DELTA find support in the strengths, knowledge and experience of colleagues working in the field.  The strong research base and outcomes of the Natural Aural approach as evidenced by children and young people, highly functioning alongside their hearing peers in school and the workplace has improved practice across the country.    

Professionals working with hearing impaired babies and children are encouraged to get in touch with DELTA and find out more about improving their own practice.

Let’s listen and talk

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This is a great quiz game to talk with your kids, let us know what your answers are and we will post the answers later on today:

*Name the movie!*

1. 🎈🎈 🏠
2. 🐍🦧🐅 📖
3. 😈 👗 👠
4. 👓 🦉 🧙🏼‍♂
5. 🌍 🐒🐒🐒
6. 👽 👔😎😎
7. 💉 💎
8. 🔎 🐠
9. 👳🏾‍♀ 💰 💰 💰
10. 🐔 🏃🏻
11. 🚢 👩‍❤‍👨 🏊 🙎🏼‍♀ 💔
12. 🐯 🐍 🐼 💥 👊🏻
13. 💦 ➡ 🐘
14. 🐧 👣 🎶
15. 👨🏻 🧸
16. 😈 👭👭👭
17. 🛀 🔪 🚿 👨🏻
18. 👨🏾‍🦯 🚗
19. 👨🏻✂ 🙌
20. 👦 🏡 👨🏻👴🏻
21. 🚀 🌕 1⃣3⃣
22. 👸🏻 📝
23. 👳🏾‍♀ 🚣 🐯
24. 🐳➡🌊
25. 👡 👰🏼⏰
26. 💃🏻🦁
27. 🦁 👑
28. 🐕 🍝 🐩
29. 🐛🐜🐞🐜
30. 🦖🏞🏞
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DELTA is helping parents with deaf children following the Natural Aural Approach to further develop language acquisition and listening skills in a natural way while everyone is at home:


Involve grandparents if possible via email, FaceTime, Skype etc- they will have more time than parents trying to work from home and will be missing their grandchildren at present.

Past research has shown the benefit of retelling stories for developing language. The children could read their books with parents and then they could retell the story to grandparents.

For older children who are good listeners and can manage well on FaceTime etc the grandparents could take photos of what they have been doing and talk about it with the children.

A grandmother on the radio yesterday was giving her older grandchildren topics which she wanted to know more about which they researched for her on their computers and then wrote up their results in an email or discussed them on FaceTime etc.
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Researchers are looking for parents of deaf children aged 5 to 10 to fill in a short survey about sensory processing and emotional wellbeing – can you help? More information at:

It’s National Teacher of the Deaf Week!

We couldn’t have done without our amazing #ToDs undertaking the Natural Aural Approach for our deaf children.

Absolutely pleased to be at
@BATOD_UK North to be a part of the study day in Huddersfield. We will be providing professional online training on the Natural Aural Approach and more. Come and see us at our stand to find out more! #QToD #DeafEducation #BATOD

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