BATOD –  British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

BATOD is active in raising the profile of Teachers of the Deaf and their role in support of deaf children in the home and with Education, Health and Care services.

The organisation supports the unique skills of Teachers of the Deaf to maintain high standards through upholding their mandatory qualification.

BATOD encourages and supports technological improvements encouraging close partnership working with the audiological manufacturers who listen to the evidence produced by those working in the field with deaf children. 

It publishes a magazine 5 x year, supporting, informing and updating Teachers of the Deaf and runs an annual conference

A high-profile organisation, its members produce articles and deliver presentations that are practical and informative based on research and effective practice.

It supports the improvement of services, partnership working and most importantly betters the outcomes for deaf babies and children.


Research Articles……


Early Listening – Are you listening comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Sue Lewis explains how listening skills develop and what Teachers of the Deaf can do to support the process

Working with families of newly identified infants with hearing loss:

10 years on from Newborn hearing screening.

What ensures effective support for children with hearing impairment in the Early Years?

Alison Holmans discusses how clarity regarding support, set out in early years protocols, sets the standard and leads to actively engaged families and children

The Natural Aural Approach 

DELTA explained and what it can do for professionals and families

Developing language as a team 

Families and professionals working together in the Natural Aural Approach

The Natural Aural Approach – let’s talk about it

Discovering the Natural Aural Approach

Books by Dr Morag Clark MBE…


  • A Practical guide to Quality Interaction with children who have a hearing loss. (2007)

  • Interaction with deaf children