Get involved

Working together to help deaf children listen and talk

Volunteering, becoming a member and helping raise funds

DELTA is, and intends to remain, a group of people who work to help deaf children make the most of the hearing world. We hope that you are finding the advice, support and encouragement provided by our sturdy band of volunteers helpful to you and your family.

Perhaps you would also like to be involved, or would like to help us secure a better future for our deaf children. As a charity, we rely on donations and fundraising efforts and, as importantly, on volunteers to provide the range of expertise to support our work with families with deaf children.

If you would like to help us, then take a look at some of the ideas we’ve suggested – and it doesn’t have to be cash! We welcome help of all kinds from donations, through to volunteers offering expertise, lending a listening ear or sharing experiences with families in similar situations.


DELTA relies on its volunteers, members and supporters, and is very lucky to have so many enthusiastic people working hard on its behalf.

Become a Member

Have your say in the direction of DELTA and receive membership benefits. We rely on membership to keep DELTA running throughout the year. 


Find out how you can raise funds for DELTA whether by donating, partaking in our fundraising events or we can help set yours up too. 


We provide a range of resources to help families who want their severely or profoundly deaf children to develop natural and effective spoken language. We also provide more detailed information for those who are interested in the philosophy and practice of the Natural Aural Approach.