Ellen’s Story


Tell us about you and your family:

I am Ellen Arthur, in my early 20s, and I live with my partner, Cameron.

My parents are Daren and Rosalind Arthur and I have a sister.

Tell us about your experience of deafness:

I was born with profound hearing loss in both ears. I had hearing aids from a baby to two years old when I then had a cochlear implant. I can hear as well as lip-read. I had
my second implant operation at 16.

How has DELTA supported you and your family?

My mum took me and Grace to our first DELTA summer school where my mum learnt so much on how to support me through school with the right equipment and support. Because of the information she learnt, she made me and Grace
thrive to who we are now. Without her determination and the support from DELTA team throughout my childhood, we wouldn’t be who we are now.

What’s your favourite moment with DELTA?

My favourite moment with DELTA is going back after 14 years to be part of the volunteer team to give back and show to parents what can be achieved.

Why should other families/volunteers/professionals get involved with DELTA?

Families, volunteers and professionals should get involved because we have a chance to give children a chance to excel and thrive with their lives if they received the support and information from DELTA.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with DELTA.