Hostler & Lewis 1998: Some Outcomes of Mainstream Education

This paper summarises the results of a study carried out in 1998 by staff of the Ewing Foundation. It was undertaken in order to add to the information available to parents, educators and policy makers on the outcomes of mainstream education for deaf pupils.

We obtained detailed background information, investigated academic attainment and social adjustment and documented the educational and audiological support provided by services for three hearing impaired in five LEAs, in order to identify factors which influence educational performance and personal development.

The findings were:

Severely and profoundly deaf children education in mainstream schools can fare as least as well, both educationally and socially, as their hearing peers. This research details that this is so for children brought up since infancy in an exclusively natural aural regime adapted both at school and at home.

Download the full report here: Hostler & Lewis 1998 – Some Outcomes of Mainstream Education.