Bounmouth Marathon FestivalFour Races – Four Weeks – Forty Two Miles

Speed of Light – Bournemouth Marathon Festival Sunset, 1000 runners with flashing arm bands and more, a real spectacle Half Marathon – Bournemouth Marathon Festival

Amazing atmosphere, great running out and back on Boscombe and Bournemouth piers.

Half Marathon – Swindon 10th Anniversary Run

Reviews rate it 10/10 very hard, really daunting hills but rewarding views

Great South Run – Portsmouth

Done this before a few times, it’s flat but an interesting course going through the Historic Dockyards & passing the Victory and the Mary Rose.

It’s been hard attracting runners this year prepared to run to raise much needed cash for DELTA.

I often think it’s as much effort raising the donations as training for the run, but it must be done as otherwise it’s a double whammy, DELTA loses money on unfilled places and no money is raised! How bad is that? So then the old man is out there with the aim of raising enough to cover the cost of all the unfilled places that DELTA has not been able to sell on to other charities or back to the organizers. That in itself is a reflection of how other charities are having the same problem – especially the lesser known ones,

frankly it’s easier to raise money for children in a hospice.

So here’s the challenge to my readers get up – get fit and do an event for DELTA even a coffee morning or a raffle will help to spread the message of Natural Aural Approach.

So okay I love the buzz of these events. Pat cries with emotion as thousands of runners go by with all the good causes on their vests, folk running in memory of a dear one or struggling to get to the end determined not to let their sponsors down, or even their weight stop them. And the elites that run at twice my pace, magnificent athletes, but running the same race, on the same course, over the same miles. Often the atmosphere is amazing with the crowd lifting ones spirits and aching limbs but it’s worth it.

So in 2014 what will you do for DELTA?

Please donate here.