Today, DELTA asks for your help.

Many of DELTAs members are families who have been able to benefit from DELTAs support and we hope to be able to support many more in the future. Other members are our invaluable volunteers many of whom we know have formed long lasting friendships.

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting families across the UK and those with children who have deafness or hearing loss will need the support of DELTA more than ever.

– Babies will continue to be diagnosed with a hearing loss and families, most of whom have no previous knowledge of deafness, will want information about how they can best help their child. Information about Natural Auralism should be available to them all and in many parts of the country this may only be available through DELTA.

– Families who are following the Natural Aural Approach will not have the benefit of face-to-face visits from Teachers of the Deaf but may still need reassurance and advice. DELTA offers this from deaf adults, professionals and parents.

– Many parents are trying to continue to develop their deaf childs language while also having to support the home education of siblings and do their own jobs. The need for physical and social isolation means that they cannot access any of the usual sources of social interaction for their children.

In these uncertain times, DELTAs ready support network and online community can keep families of deaf children following the Natural Aural Approach connected by offering a safe, confidential and compassionate space to talk as well as gain advice and ideas. Sadly, we have had to cancel many of our planned face-to-face events for this year such as Information and Drop-In Days. However, we are working on plans to continue to provide information and support by other means using available technology.

DELTA will not be immune from the effects of this pandemic. We are entirely reliant on voluntary fundraising support and are already seeing the financial impact of the virus with fundraising and events being cancelled putting most of the money we rely on at risk.

– Although, over recent years, we have reduced our expenses as much as possible, there are ongoing costs which we have to meet every month.

– Some of the fundraising events which were planned to support DELTA this year such as the Tough Mudder and Nightrider have already been cancelled. The London Marathon which in recent years has been one of our most important sources of funds has been tentatively postponed until October. Even if it is possible for it to go ahead then, it is not certain that all our runners will be available for the new date and the funds raised will not reach us until at least six months later than usual.

– In recent years, it has become much harder to get grants from trusts etc as more charities chase less available funding this will be even worse this year as many charities experience a drastic reduction in income.

I know you and your loved ones are worried by what is happening and will be focused on protecting yourselves. That is the most important response for all of you.

The trustee board must ensure that once this crisis has passed, DELTA is able to continue to give families of deaf children the vital support they will undoubtedly need.

So DELTA is asking you today. Please make a donation to the DELTA Resilience Fund to ensure we can continue our essential work. We understand completely that some of you are not able to give at this time because of the wider effects this crisis has had on your family but to those of you who are able to help we are extremely grateful.

We have been here for each other throughout the last 40 years and I feel sure you and all our supporters will do whatever you can to help us ensure our future stability. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ed Rex on behalf of the DELTA Trustee Board

Chair of DELTA